Dear Parents,

Welcome to Fremont Elementary School, a California Gold Ribbon School, a Title One Academic Achievement School, a Character & Civic Education Bonner Award recipient, and the home of the Soaring Eagles. The teachers and staff at Fremont Elementary are focused on providing strong instruction and multiple opportunities for learning that engage each student and help to develop 21st century learning skills. These skills are necessary for students to be successful throughout their educational and professional careers. Our students understand that in serving others, we build character and citizenship. Fremont is a place where we value diversity and celebrate the uniqueness of all students and staff. 


Our students are the heartbeat of our community. School spirit flows throughout our halls as students practice the Eagle Way daily. Our school was built in 1938 as part of the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. This was part of the New Deal of 1933 in response to the Great Depression. It built large-scale public works such as dams, bridges, hospitals, and schools. Fremont was fortunate to be a part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal.  


When visiting our school, please enter through the front door only and always check in at the front office. We strive to keep a safe campus and we can only do this with your support. 

We invite you to be a member of our School Site Council and English Learners’ Advisory Committee. The Marshall-Fremont PTO will continue to actively support both schools and hold meetings during the school year as well as hold family events such as Movie Night, family dances, and Donuts with Grownups

Communication between school and home is an important component to success. The partnership between the teacher and parent  establishes a strong relationship to ensure students are supported during their educational journey at Fremont. 

We will use the ParentSquare tool for all communication. Please make time to sign up. If you are not registered in our system and/or we do not have an updated email for you, please call the office.  Our school marquee will also be updated weekly with school information. 

The 2023-2024 school year is a year of continuing to challenge ourselves to be the best and achieve the highest standards set before us. We will set stretch goals and work hard daily to achieve them. As we SOAR, we establish a culture of respect and commitment to learning. 



Monica R. Sigala              

Fremont Principal